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Forty-four paintings depict the city's founding in 1912, and the exhibition is part of the Arizona Railway Museum, located at the Chandler Museum of Art and History in downtown Chandler, Arizona. Phoenix - Phoenix-based developer George Oliver has invested nearly $14 million in additional capital to bring a new creative office portfolio to the heart of downtown Chandler's Arizona. He has completed the first phase of construction of the new Chandler City Hall, the city's first new office building in over a decade.

Chandler, west of Loop 101, is home to the Arizona Railway Museum and the Chandler Museum of Art and History. The city of Chandler operates a number of facilities in and around its downtown area and serves as a central hub for the city's business, tourism and economic development, as well as for its residents and visitors. Chandler, east of I-10, south of Interstate 10 and north of US Highway 40, is served by Chandler's West of - Loop 101.

The Chandler Center for the Arts is located in downtown Chandler and houses over 300 regional artists, all of whom represent Chandler, Arizona. The Arizona Railway Museum is located in Tumbleweed Park and houses the Chandler Museum of Art and History and the Arizona Railroad Museum. For an interesting insight into Chandler's past, visit the museum's website as well as his Facebook page and Twitter account. In the downtown area, the area near downtown houses a number of museums and galleries, such as the Phoenix Art Museum, and in Tumblesweep Park, located near the Arizona Railway Museum, is the Tucson Art Center, a museum of art and history with an emphasis on local and regional art.

Chandler High School was founded in 1914, an outdoor swimming pool was built, and the final result of this project was the city of Chandler, Arizona, surrounding the luxurious San Marcos Hotel. Chandler was founded in 1916 after 186 residents asked the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for approval to establish the company. The city government made Chandler one of the first cities to have a utility when it bought its first power plant in 1917, but it was Chandler who introduced it.

The line stretched from Chandler to the present-day city of Chandler and Maricopa, where it was connected to the South Pacific Line. The District's third high school, Basha, opened in 1916, just blocks from the San Marcos Hotel.

In 1940, the state proposed adapting Route 87 to Arizona Avenue, and in October 1941, a fighter pilot training base east of Chandler began operations. It was veterinarian Dr. Alexander John Chandler who bought the land in front of the San Marcos Hotel on the western side of Arizona, which he cleared with heavy machinery and enlarged to use as an irrigation canal. Enrollment rose when the Chandler Unified School District opened its first high school, Chandler High School, in 1937. The first public primary school in the city, the South Annex, was opened in 1938 on a four hectare site, part of which was a sports field adjacent to the South Annex.

When Dr. Chandler arrived in Arizona, the entire Southwest was in the midst of a severe drought, but he watched the desert blossom into a fantastic arrangement of new life.

A year after the first land sale, Chandler began to look like an established city, and there were many fine, well-known businesses. The newly designed square, named after Dr. Chandler, offers much that you would expect in Chandler, AZ.

If you like basketball, the Phoenix Suns are here, and the Arizona Cardinals have their stadium in nearby Glendale. If you're interested in higher education, you'll be glad to know that Chandler is home to the University of Arizona, one of the largest public universities in the United States. Arizona State University, with more than 13,000 students serving more than 2,500 students from across the state and the country, is located on the eastern border of the city of Gilbert. It is the only public university in Arizona with a full-time faculty and over 1200 employees.

Chandler High School was built in 1900 and is located at 350 N. Arizona Ave., and is one of the oldest public schools in Arizona. The first Chandler City Hall was built on the site of a former post office on the corner of N Arizona and N Chandler Ave. Chandler High School was built in 1900 and is located at 350 N.Arizona Ave., and is the only public school in Arizona with a full-time teacher.

It was announced that Chandler's enrollment had passed the 200 mark and that new units were needed. The new building was touted as "the most modern builder, equipment and equipment you can make" in the country.

During World War II, the city's population doubled, and in 1948, the highest temperature in Chandler was 119. In 1950, a year before Doctor Chandler's death, it reached 3,800 and this year more than 2,000.

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