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Whether you enjoy the dry climate and desert lifestyle, the area has plenty to offer in terms of shopping, dining and outdoor activities. Whether you want to dine together in the kitchenette, run the Crayola Experience attraction or swim in an outdoor pool, our goal is to give you and your family a trip to Chandler that you will never forget. Chandler's charming city life and attractions make it one of Arizona's most popular family vacation destinations. If you've been to Chandler before, you'll certainly enjoy your visit, whether you're in Chandler for a day trip, a week - long vacation or even an overnight stay.

Depending on the number of nights you spend there, our services are designed around a common goal. Our reception can assist you with the delivery of mail, fax and photocopy services if you require them.

Guests who cancel and fail to show up within 24 hours of their prepayment for a non-refundable deposit of $3 per night will lose their deposit and night. Guests who cancel or cancel less than 48 hours before check-in - on time and without showing up - will lose their deposit (including taxes). No credit or debit card is authorised at check-in and no credit / debit cards are available for purchase.

It is the policy and practice of Extended Stay America to require all guests in all rooms to pay in advance. TownePlace does not sacrifice the amenities that hotel visitors have become accustomed to in order to keep costs down. Although the hotel is already affordable at these prices, the addition of a full-service restaurant, bar and fitness center adds value. The Marriott Phoenix Chandler also serves a buffet breakfast with breakfast options such as breakfast in bed or - go in the morning, lunch and dinner.

As an added bonus, this place is pet friendly, which helps you save on pet accommodations during your trip. If you are coming by car, these features make a visit to Crayola a good option for pets. Once in Chandler, get ready for a fun ride by taking the city's free Wave Shuttle, which runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And if you plan to stay at the Chandler for a while, consider staying at one of the many restaurants and bars on the hotel's premises, such as the Marriott Phoenix Chandler.

The Cambria Hotel strives to accommodate all people, whether they are visually impaired, disabled or wheelchair-bound. The hotel is fully equipped for disabled guests - with barrier-free entrances and Braille-coded lifts - and ensures that everyone has a smooth and enjoyable stay! Located in the heart of downtown Chandler, a short drive from the Chandler Convention Center, this hotel offers a wide range of amenities and accommodations. If you want to organize an economic event, it offers an open-air bar and restaurant, as well as a full service restaurant and bar.

Motel 6 Chandler offers simple accommodations at a reasonable price, as well as an affordable motor hotel with a full-service restaurant and bar. You will be able to discover this hotel as a convenient, cheap hotel in Chandler. Check out the line charts below to rate the best hotels in the Chandler, Arizona area available for less than $100 per night for one night, or take a look at the full list of hotels in Chandler with affordable rates and amenities! You can also check hotel prices of other hotels within a 10-minute drive from the congress centre.

The rooms have a restaurant with bar and service, as well as a private pool and a poolside lounge. A free hot shower, hot water and a hot tub as a fountain are available on request, as well as non-smoking rooms.

The Marriott Phoenix Chandler offers more than 20 different rooms, including a large ballroom that can be divided into two rooms, as well as a private dining room, bar and poolside lounge. At the Best Western Inn Chandler, guests can choose from a variety of rooms with private poolside lounges or choose from one of the many rooms with unobstructed views of South Mountain. For those who enjoy the mild Arizona weather, there is also an outdoor pool and an indoor pool with a hot tub and hot water fountain.

Golfers can play a round at one of the many golf courses in the area, such as the South Mountain Golf Course. Nearby restaurants include the popular Chandler Grill and Bar, as well as a variety of other local restaurants and bars.

If you need a break from the Arizona sun, head to one of the many restaurants and bars in the area, such as the Chandler Grill and Bar. The hotel also has a lot of laundry services so you don't have to take your laundry with you. Make your bed with existing linen, change your linen and towels, empty the garbage, replace soiled towels and refill soap and toilet paper if necessary. Empty your garbage and replace soiled towels; empty your sewage, water bottles and empty the garbage; fill up soap, toilet paper, etc., as needed.

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