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Located on 400 North State Route 89A, it has a 600 foot facade on Oak Creek and offers a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center, pool, spa and spa facilities. It has 107 rooms with fully equipped kitchens, 66 rooms with private balconies and has put the resort in the fast lane just before the Super Bowl. Amenities include a robust leisure offering, including an air-conditioned racquet court, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, pool house, golf course and tennis court.

Depending on the time of day, you can even see guests on the golf course, a convenience offered to promote health and well-being. Visitors can also stroll through the resort during their mini-holiday to sample nearby restaurants or shop in the hotel shop. Healthy meals are also available at his shop, aptly called "Restore," and food can also be ordered at the front desk or in local stores.

The printer and fax machine in the business center is appreciated by city employees and contractors working in the hotel, as well as by local businesses. Local businesses often book a large-screen TV for department meetings for up to 20 attendees.

The Phoenix area has one of the highest hotel room occupancy rates in the country, and most resorts are full of meetings and sun - and are looking for vacationers during a time that would otherwise be empty in early February. Resorts are gearing up for the Super Bowl, which boosts repeat business, but the week is capped by the Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau's annual convention in late February and the Arizona State Fair in March.

The Arroyo Roble Hotel and Creekside Villas were sold to the buyer Ensemble Real Estate Solutions for $31.5 million. The latest sale is the fifth transaction worth $119 million completed by Berkadia Hotels & Hospitality since the team committed to adding 15 properties to its portfolio in January 2019. In Arizona, hotels sold more than $1.2 billion in 2019, according to the latest data from the National Association of Realtors.

Tesla electric vehicle charging stations are easily accessible, reflecting the hotel's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, while a sculpture of a desert bunny named Lulu in the hotel lobby pays tribute to nature and art. There is also an outdoor pool and spa, as well as a pool house where you can relax with a glass of wine, beer or wine and beer. Here you can stroll along the colonnade and get a beer from the SanTan Brewing Company. Berkadia Hotels & Hospitality CEO Dr. David H. Burdick has arranged the sale of Arroyo Roble Hotel and Creekside Villas to Scottsdale - Glacier House Hotels - for $31.5 million.

Dogs are greeted at the hotel door with water and treats and are given their own heavenly (r) Dog bed that can be used during your stay. Dogs are provided with a dog-friendly hotel room with its own "dog bed" and dog beds, as well as water, treats and pet food.

Each room has a spa bath inspired by bathrooms, and large windows let natural light flow into the neutral, tinted lobby, which looks more like it belongs in a hotel for a long stay than a soothing, Zen-like spa. Padish says there are many ways to inspire you to just work out a bit longer. Oversized desks and ergonomic chairs make work on the go easier and help you relax in your downtime.

You can manipulate objects of different size and weight, using only one hand, arm or leg, or a combination of both. They can push, pull, push and move objects that weigh less than 50 pounds or are equal without assistance.

We know that travel can affect the well-being of our guests, and we feel empowered by the opportunity to help our partners stay in control and stay on the road. Everything we do is geared to helping them do their best. And they appreciate how we help them in the best way possible during their stay.

We are looking for dynamic people who are happy to join our team and are ready to jump in any situation to help. If you are someone who is positive, adaptable, intuitive and genuinely interested in the well-being of others, we invite you to discover how we at the Westin can jointly meet the challenge of travel, travel and travel management as a whole.

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