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If you're visiting Chandler, Arizona soon, here are some things about the city that Red Hawk and Chandler Property Management would like to tell you now. The Chandler suburb of Phoenix is about 72 square miles and is located on the west side of Phoenix - Tempe International Airport, south of Interstate 10. Returning from your first trip to sunny Arizona, you can see Chandler west of Loop 101.

On September 2, 2010, the Chandler Parks Division received a Natural Resources Award from the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association. In 2008, Chandler also received the National Park Service's "Best Park of the Year" award for Veterans Oasis Park, located on the north side of Interstate 10, south of Loop 101. The Chandler Park System, a contiguous set of parks and recreational facilities, is the largest public park system in Arizona and covers more than 1,000 acres of land in Chandler, Tempe and Phoenix.

The city of Chandler operates the Chandler Museum of Natural History, an institution located on the north side of Interstate 10 south of Loop 101. The exhibition lasts about an hour and is located in the historic downtown area, just a few blocks from the Arizona State Capitol. Another fun stop on your trip is the Chandler Fashion Center, an upscale mall that offers 180 stores, including Nordstrom and Dillards. There are anchor stores like Nordstrand, Dillard's and Macy's, but there are also a variety of specialty stores like Anthropologie, J.C. Penney, L'Oreal and many others.

It is very easy to visit Chandler in the Phoenix area on a family vacation if you want to include these activities in your agenda, unless you plan to stay directly in Phoenix. Hotels are available in Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix, which can be expanded to other cities such as Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix and Tucson. Hopefully this list of family-friendly activities in Tempe and Chandler will help you get started planning your vacation.

This part of Arizona has many activities and attractions that you can try if you want to do something different. Before you book your flight or train ticket, you can buy a travel guide for the greater Phoenix area, as Chandler is located in this section of Arizona. With this list of places to eat in Tempe, AZ, and Chandler, Arizona, we have completed our plans for dining in Tempe, AZ.

If you are willing to get in touch with nature, you can also plan a day trip to one of the many nature parks in Chandler, AZ, such as the Chandler Nature Center.

While the rest of Arizona grew oranges, Arizona's first veterinary practice was brought to this humble suburb. Florence was the daughter of John F. Chandler, one of the founders of Chandler Veterinary Hospital, named after his wife Florence. After studying irrigation technology, he settled on a ranch south of Mesa in 1891 and took his veterinary practices to the humble suburbs. The Phoenix Zoo, while not air-conditioned, is located in the heart of downtown and operates from a small building on the west side of Main Street, just a few blocks from downtown.

After visiting the farmers market, spend some time exploring the dozens of trendy and unique restaurants and shops that Downtown Chandler has to offer. The area has become a walk-up, making it one of Arizona's most exciting places to be on a weekend.

V Virtually every Phoenix subway neighborhood has a skate park that can call its own, including some that have been used for years, such as the one at the corner of South Chandler Boulevard and East Chandler Avenue. Some notable places are the Phoenix Ice Skate Park, the Chandler Ice Skating Ice Rink and Heard Park in Chandler.

For more information, visit here or the Arizona Ice Skate Park website, where you can find a complete list of skate parks in the Phoenix area. You will find more than 125 acres of the park on the west side of Phoenix, from the corner of South Chandler Boulevard and East Chandler Avenue to the southern end of Chandler Park. Take a tour of this 125-acre park in Chandler, Arizona, the largest park of its kind in Arizona.

The Chandler Fashion Square Mall is a fabulous place for summer, where you can buy something for everyone, including children and your favorite Disney stores. For more affordable fashion items, visit the Chandler Fashion Center, located near the 101 and 202 intersections. Inside, there are great deals, and it has an outdoor area called the Village and a paddling pool that can be enjoyed in the warmer months. Desert Breeze Park in the center of Chandler offers many outdoor activities for a pleasant family day out.

Experience these family-friendly activities during your stay in the Tempe - Chandler area and beyond!!!?

From fish to LEGOS, meteorites to cowboys, Chandler, Arizona has a lot to do with your kids. There are so many fun and free things to see and do, and your trip to the Phoenix area should definitely include a visit to Chandler. Chandler Arizona is full of fabulous family-friendly things to do in and around Chandler and Tempe during your stay in the Phoenix - Chandler area and beyond. This is the Kimberly Janes City of Chandler to make sure you're on your tour of the city and its many attractions and attractions for children and families.

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